About Kartarpur Charitable Fund

"Kartarpur Charitable Fund "
(A Registered Canadian Charity)

Since December 1995, this Charitable Organisation has sponsored AAPI Charitable Hospital at Kartarpur Distt. Jalandhar, Punjab, India. We have provided financial assistance close to half million Canadian Dollars up to March 2014. This institution started on May 1, 1991 as a small Dispensary with the help of American Assoc. of Physicians of Indian Origin known as AAPI. Kalhan Family donated their ancestral property at Kartarpur for this nobel cause.

Members of Kalhan Family in Canada together with some other friends from around Kartarpur pledged to help this Dispensary. We had our first ever Dinner in 1993 at a place in North York on Finch Ave. west, This is the Building where now we have North York Gurughar near Weston Rd. in Toronto, on that night we collected around $4500 for this Charitable Dispensary and our chief guest was Dr. Sarjit Singh who was then President of AAPI USA.

Every year after that we organised, pic-nicks, social gatherings, Golf-Tournaments, Cultural events. Many others donors came forward from different part of the globe to help. Today AAPI Charitable has become a Multi-Speciality Hospital with 25 beds and over 200 patients coming in every day for treatment. Many Villages around Kartarpur find this Hospital as God sent medical help on their door step.

In December 1993 we got our Charitable Status from Canadian Govt. Kartarpur Charitable Fund was founded. All our Directors and Office bearers are all Volunteers and also give donations to provide medical help to the under-privileged and needy through AAPI Charitable Hospital. Our administration cost is next to nothing, every cent collected almost all goes for medical help to the needy.

As of April, 2014 we have three projects we are partly sponsoring at AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur:

  1. Medical Help to the under-privileged patients.
  2. Education Scholarships to over 100 bright students from poor financial background families. From Grade 5 to Grade 12.
  3. We also partly provide financial aid to some students at AAPI Computer School. This way they can get on hand knowledge of Computers to go to Job Market and support their families.

Our Directors have visited AAPI Charitable Hospital which is a Registered Charitable Hospital with the Govt. of Punjab and also with The Govt. of India and we always come back to Canada fully satisfied from their Management. All Directors at AAPI Charitable Hospital are Volunteers.

Early Days of the AAPI Charitable Dispensary
Early Days of the Diagnostic Wing