Sincere Homage

Dr. Sarjit Singh, MD

We pay homage to Dr. Sarjit Singh who left for heavenly abode on Dec 22, 2016. Dr. Singh was highly instrumental in setting up the AAPI Hospital over 25 years ago. He provided immense help both professionally and financially.

We salute Dr. Sarjit Singh for his contributions to the AAPI Hospital and for his years of service towards humanity.


Our President, S. Amar Singh Chahal left for heavenly abode on Jul 27, 2019. He proved the saying "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" or "The World Is One Family". We are indebted to Chacha Ji for years of selfless devotion and service towards the less fortunate.

We continue to seek his blessings for the Kartarpur Charitable Fund.