AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur, India

Regd No: 607
Registered with Registrar of Society

Punjab. Chandigarh

FCRA No: 115280034

Registerd With Reserve Bank of India. New Delhi

The American Association of Physicians from India (AAPI) Charitable Dispensary functioning at Kartarpur "The Historic town of Guru Arjan Dev ji" is the brain child of AAPI – an Organisation of physicians who are now American citizens but have got their roots in India. Inspired by the spirit of service and devotion to ailing to humanity in their motherland, several Charitable Dispensaries are being run in India by financial aid from AAPI Charitable Foundation. The credit of allocation of AAPI Charitable Dispensary of Punjab goes to Dr. Surjit Singh who happened to be the President of AAPI in year 1991-92. The credit for location of this charitable dispensary at Kartarpur goes to the Kalhan family and their sister, Miss Suman Lata another self-less worker who donated their six room house to this dispensary along with land where construction for the new building for diagnostic and maternity wing has been made. This dispensary was inaugurated on 1st May 1991.

Local Support
Our local community has also supported this noble cause and several philanthropic persons have als donated money for this humanitarian cause.

Backbone of our organization

The dispensary’s staff consists of One physician, Pharmacist, Radiographer-cum-Physiotherapist, Store keeper, Laboratory Assistant Nurse, Ambulance Driver and sweepers. The Medical officer attends to about 100-150 patients per day. Two specialists, Orthopaedic surgeon and Gynaecologist visit the dispensary every Thursday to provide their specialized services. We are thankful to Mr. Balbir Singh Saini, Secretary Guru Nanak Mission Charitable Hospital, Jalandhar who has allowed his Orthopaedic Surgeon to visit us and shift our patients to Guru Nanak Mission Charitable Hospital, Jalandhar for further treatment, if needed. To look after newly opened Dental Wing, a part time dentist is appointed to examine patients daily.


The infrastructure is well planned with spacious and impressive front area having two separate gates for entry exit. Ample space is available for parking of ambulances, cars and other vehicles. A well maintained green belt with planting of ornamental tree and shrubs adds to the beauty and grace of the hospital. The entry of the various departments is provided by well planned ramps and stairs for the convenience of the patients and easy movement of trolleys, wheel chairs and statures. The provision of lifts was planned ever since the inception of building but its installation could have been made possible in year 2015 for the fast shifting of patients and smooth movement of hospital activities. Further, to avoid any disruption in the hospital activity due to power failure, 85 Kva generator is installed. For the relaxation of patients, their attendants, computer school students and other a well organised resting place(canteen) has also been provided.

Great Boosters of Infrastructure and Up gradation of Hospital

During 1992-93 AMDANA, USA began its kind union by donating X-Ray machine and Dr. Surjit Singh donated one Ambulance for exiting expansion of dispensary. In 1993, with the inspiration of Mr. Vijay K Kalhan, Secretary, Mrs Raj Bhardwaj President and their Directors, KARTARPUR CHAITABLE FUND, Canada (KCF) started the association with a big booster for up gradation of dispensary to Multispecialty Hospital. KCF Canada is a registered charity which with the financial support from Lubana Association, USA, enabled us to buy additional 19874 sq. ft. land in year 2000 where at present the newly well planned hospital building is serving the society. By God’s grace all the three buildings are inter connected with the one common ramp. To build up the latest well designated building great financial help of Kartarpur Charitable Fund Canada, Kumra Foundation USA, Dr. Surjit Singh, Dr Ranjit Singh, USA and MR. Harbans Singh Saini Kartarpur, Mr. Charan Singh U.K. and few other donor friends/families are unforgettable.

Healthcare Solutions

A team of 15 eminent doctors and efficient staff is engaged to provided best health care solution to the needy patients in Kartarpur and surrounding 70 villages. Being impressed by the services, patients for their effective treatment also come from far away areas.

Frequent holding of free General health and Eye camps in rural areas is encouraging step for needy to get their medical check up at door step. Once disease is detected and controlled in the beginning it saves life of millions.

In the prevailing stressful period, taking care of mental health of the patients-public and to apprise the progress of foundation annual cultural program “Yadhein” is arranged every year in the month of February-March.

Camps held up to now:

Name of Camp

No. Of Camps



Eye Camp




General Medical Camp




Polio Camp




Typhoid Vaccination Camp




Ortho Camp




Spirometery Camp




Hepatitus B Camp




Surgical Camp




ENT Camp




Dental Camp




Gynae Camp




Bone Density Camp




Physiotherapy Camp




MMR Camp




Diabetic Camp




The most recent endeavour to take care of health of local residents of Kartarpur, weekly medical camps are being held in various Mohallas which are being highly appreciated by the community. ”Charity begins at home” indeed. However ward wise general health camps are still under profress.

Medical OPD
Our motto is to provide basic medical facilities to capture diseases in its root so that even the less fortunate may live a healthy life. Daily in flow of patients is 150-250. Nursing and paramedical staff is trained to welcome the patients with tenderness and to serve them with full dedication. Department of Medicine, Gynaecology, ENT, Dental, Eye, Orthopaedic, Laparo/General Surgery and pediatric are providing effective coverage to the downtrodden society, as medical treatment is beyond their approach in private sector. Uptill now approximately 1.5 million patients were saved from illness. Our journey of selfless service will always be in high spirits.

As per commitments, funds received from AAPI Charitable Fund USA from May 1991 till date are behind consumed for free distribution of general medicine among deserving patients. Minimal amount is charged for surgery, other diagnostic test and treatment.

Advanced Technology in AAPI
AAPI Hospital is committed to bring innovative services and treatment to the needy patients, irrespective of caste and creed through medical expertise. State of art equipment and diagnostic facilities viz: well equipped two Operation theatres for eye and laparoscopic/general surgery, computerized laboratory, Digital X-Rays, Ultra sound scan, Colour Doppler acuson 300, Phaco machine for IOL, Dialysis machine, ECG and TMT, Biothesiograph, Spirometery and Physiotherapy equipment etc are available under one roof. The purchases of expensive equipment have been made possible with the help received from AMDANA USA, KFC Canada, Parminder Kaur Hunjan Charity UK, Dr. Pritam Singh Ajrawat USA and Other philanthropic individuals.

24*7 Ambulance Service
Hospital is aided by three ambulance service 24*7 to ensure timely shifting of patients to the nearest appropriate hospital. This is a great boon to save life of needy patients. Each ambulance was financially sponsored by Dr. Surjit Singh MD, Ex-President AAPI USA, Dr. Harbhajan Singh Ajrawat MS, USA and Mr. Des Raj Aggarwal, Jalandhar.

AAPI Lakhshya Education Scholarship Plan

We are registered for health, education and sports. For safe future of talented students of financial weaker society, free education to needy students was started in 1993, which is also now sponsored by KFC Canada, namely ”Lakshya Education Scheme”. About 100 students every year from grade 8th onward are getting education irrespective of their caste, religion and status.

You can also help create a brighter tomorrow for our children. To sponsor a child for just $125 per year (July 1 to June 30), please contact Mr. Vijay K. Kalhan (Secretary/Treasurer), 416-997-7155,


We are also running a Computer School adjoining the AAPI Hospital premises. The computer school, was earlier affiliated with PTU and now, in association with Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, the students after grade 12 and graduation are getting computer education for B. Sc. IT, DCA, DST and PGDCA. Most students after getting their diploma/degrees have gained requisite employment both in India and abroad.

Kartarpur Charitable Fund is also associated with the Kartarpur Institute of Management Technology (KIMT) affiliated with Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Concluding our journey of selfless service up to now: Under the valuable guidance of our revered President Mr. Surinder Aggarwal, we all, may be management, Doctors or staff as a family are serving with deep dedication because we believe ”Hands which serve are better then the lips that pray”.

Please be with us to save life of millions of needy patients, medical treatment, being expensive they cannot afford it. We will ever remain grateful to all philanthropic and hope this noble project will go on forever with the financial and moral support from all of you.


Mr. Surinder Aggarwal

Suman Lata

And all trustees.